Friday, September 30, 2011

The Pizza Project Goes to the Movies...Well, Not Really!

Saucy loves to go to the movies. But he can't afford them anymore. So until someone starts paying us to do this sh*t, he is going to have to improvise. So here's this week's blind movie reviews.

There are many pros and cons with this one. Pro: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, a rising star and a person who is starting to see the best scripts first, stars in the lead role. Con: Seth Rogen, who has begun to annoy me in pretty much anything he is in, is featured as Gordon-Levitt's supportive buddy. Pro: Anna Kendrick, fresh off of her 2009 Best Supporting Actress turn in Up in the Air, has a role as Gordon-Levitt's doctor. Con: Bryce Dallas Howard, whose films usually don't end up being very good, also shows up. Being that the film is directed by someone I have never heard of (Jonathan Levine), chances are good that it won't really impress. Still, it seems like a decent enough premise, and I am betting that most people will come out of it thinking, "You know, that was a pretty good movie although it would have been better if Jason Segal took the Rogen role."

Dream House
How could a film with Rachel Weisz, Daniel Craig, and Naomi Watts go wrong? Well, let me tell you: The director, Jim Sheridan, was once an under-the-radar great director. He directed films like My Left Foot, In the Name of the Father, and The Boxer, all of which starred Daniel Day-Lewis. But those flicks made no money so now he is applying his skills to a paint-by-numbers horror joint about a couple who buys a house only to find that it is haunted by spooky spirits. What do you think the chances are that he is fully invested in this movie? I would say, "Not high." Skip it.

What's Your Number?This movie will be pretty stupid, but Anna Faris is always a good time. If you are looking to go to a movie with a hot chick who likes dumb flicks, you can do worse. Otherwise, chill for a minute and put it on your Netflix down the line.

Interesting backstory to this one: Director Kenneth Lonergan filmed it about six years ago, but the process of getting it released has been so arduous that it is just now getting to see the light of day. So I really have no idea whether it will be good or what it is even about, but if you feel like seeing what people like Matt Damon and Anna Paquin looked like way back in 2005, this would be the film for you.

Take ShelterTwo buzzy actors - Boardwalk Empire's Michael Shannon and The Tree of Life's Jessica Chastain - going at it for 120 minutes. Otherwise, I seriously have no idea.


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