Meet Our Bloggers

The People behind The Pizza Project

The Cheese Wizz
The Cheese Wizz has a fondness for Cool Ranch Doritos, fireside chats and just about anything besides politics.  A true outdoors man, he has been deemed by his mother as a "caveman" after designing and installing a fire pit in his parents' backyard.  Never one to shy away from a meal, he enjoys the thrill of creating his own masterpieces, or Frankensteins, with local ingredients. Engineer by degree, soap maker by day, and food and beer connoisseur by night. He may not always have an answer, but never hesitates to speak his mind. The Wizz is constantly on a journey to learn and always in deep thought, thanks to one of the best Engineering educations. Favorite ways to relax include exercising, backyard games, Angry Birds and being a goofball.

Ellio Totino
Home-based in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Ellio Totino is actually two people blogging under the same name. This married pair provide a critical review of local pizza eateries (and a few other non-pizza locations) west of Philly. Their blogger name originates from their cat – Ellio (who is an orange tabby named after Ellio’s frozen pizza) and Totino Pizza Rolls, which (in case you live under a rock) are frozen pizza-like snacks. Their palette of pizza is classic – cheesy, a little greasy, with tasty sauce and fresh dough.

Emmental, My Dear Watson
Emmental leads a team of designers and manages marketing campaigns by day. By night he's working his camera, running or being dragged through the 'burban hood by two loving American Bulldogs. Trained in fancypantsery, le francais and frivolity, Emmental knows what looks and tastes good. His palette does not discriminate - from brunch at White Dog to "wherever the hell we got that drunk pizza," he's ready to critique it all. With an eye for light and beauty, photography has become an increasing obsession and hopefully will turn into a full fledged profession in the coming years. He is a contributor-at-large for The Pizza Project. His favorite pie is a thinny with roasted vegetables, caramelized onions, prosciutto and emmental. Ca, c'est bon!

Being the youngest of four, her siblings are convinced that she drinks hatorade daily, likes what she likes, and really dislikes what (and those) she doesn't. Although she has a soft spot for baked ziti and crabcakes, she has always deemed herself an “equal opportunity eater.” With a passion for animals, both great and small, she once found herself in the middle of an empty buffalo pen without any idea where the buffalo could be …but that’s a story for another time. From time to time, she finds it odd that she enjoys contributing to a food blog about pizza when her life goal is to become a health psychologist. Favorite pizza has to be broccoli and until they come out with asparagus pizza, that’s what she's sticking with.  Favorite catch phrases: people are weird, I like what I like, and … (if … can be considered a catch phrase).  Most importantly, she enjoys the awkward moments in life, the moments where … come into play.  

Saucy “The Sauce Boss” McGilliguddy
Saucy “The Sauce Boss” McGilliguddy is a refined fellow of genteel charm. He also just happens to like the sh*t out of a tasty tomato sauce. He enjoys writing about pizza, film, music, sports, popular culture, and people and things that he really hates. Especially the part about the things and people who he hates. He loves the works of Kubrick, of Radiohead, of Hunter S., of Dali, of Cliff Lee. And he believes that if you don’t like these things, you are probably swine. Most of all, he simply believes in the incredible power of the written word to influence and entertain. Unless it is written by John Grisham or something. In which case, it blows.

Señor Crusty
Crusty really is the total package. Girls love him and guys want to be him. Picture that guy from the Dos Equis commercials times 10. Well, at least that's how he views himself, and thanks to the beauty of Internet anonymity, you'll really never know. Crusty loves a great pizza, especially the crust of one. He'll usually save a bit for his crust-loving Jack Russell Terrier. When he's not eating pizza, Crusty can been found at his local watering hole watching the Phillies and enjoying a nice craft beer in a fancy glass. He's also a big fan of fine wines, whiskeys and cigars. Favorite pastimes: looking for ridiculous images from Google, facebooking and tweeting. He hopes to one day be a big deal in social media.

Spicy Hawaiian
Spicy writes about technology by day, pizza and beer by night. Her handle is a variation on the traditional Hawaiian pie: pepperoni, pineapple and jalapenos. And yes, she likes it hot. In addition to pizza reviews (fresh, frozen and DIY), she enjoys sharing her two cents on libations, parenting an active, hilarious toddler, local hotspots, and life with a bulldog who truly thinks he's a human. Life goals: marry the man of her dreams (check), run a marathon (check), raise an incredibly loving and awesome kid (in progress), and make a million bucks from a wildly successful pizza blog. If you'd like to help her out with that last one, fan us on facebook, follow us on twitter or email her about advertising or joint promotion opportunities.