Thursday, September 29, 2011

Roundtable Review: Chap's Taproom Fall Beer Tasting

Señor Crusty: Good evening, Pizza Project Readers! Señor Crusty here. It is an honor to act as moderator for The Pizza Project's first Roundtable Review. Tonight, we attended the second beer dinner hosted by Chap's Taproom in Jeffersonville, PA. The evening featured a Fall Beer Tasting accompanied by a delicious four-course meal. Philly Daily News reporter Joe Sixpack was the guest host for the evening.
Let me start by asking the first question to Saucy. Saucy how are you feeling after the beer tasting?

Saucy: Pretty damn bloated.

SC: Spicy, how are you feeling after the dinner?

Spicy: Very full, very satisfied. The sausages were just like I like them: big and juicy.

SC: Isn't that nice! Now let's move on to more hard-hitting questions. Again to you Saucy, what did you think of the reception beer, Flying Dog Dogtoberfest?

Saucy: Usually a big fan of Flying Dog beers, but this was a little light on flavor. Not really distinct in the way most Oktobers are. Most exude smokiness, caramel, or something strong. This one was weak, and the scent was a little stale.

SC: Wow, you're not holding anything back tonight, Saucy. So, Spicy Hawaiian, any rebuttal to the Flying Dog?

SH: No, that was my least favorite beer as well. I'd have to agree.

SC: So we have a consensus that the Flying Dog Dogtoberfest was pretty much a letdown. Moving along to the first-course beer. Saucy, your thoughts on the Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale.

Saucy: There is an immediate rush of cinnamon right from first smell. Heavily spiced, yet not overwhelming. Once you get used to the first sip, the shock of the excess spice fades.

SC: Saucey, that was beautiful. It brought a tear to my eye. Spicy, this beer was paired with a fresh baked soft pretzel twist app with spicy stoudt mustard dipping sauce. How did you enjoy this appetizer?

SH: Pretzels were average. Definitely enjoyed the spicy mustard. It was a tad bit filling for a first course. And I didn't get the doggy bag to go like some of our fellow dinners.

Saucy: And that's a good thing because rocking a styrofoam to-go container is a straight-up VIOLATION at a beer dinner.

SC: Plus, aren't styrofoam containers killing our environement?

Saucy: I don't give a crap about the environment.

SC: Wait, you crap in the environment? What's wrong with your toilet?

SH: Actually! The little a-hole in the neighborhood clogged up our entire plumbing system.

SC: Ah, yes, I remember reading Saucy's post about those hooligans.

Saucy: Señor Crusty, let's get back to the beer.

SC: Sorry, guys. Now the second course featured beer-boiled bratwurst over kraut with horseradish cheese sauce paired with a Spaten Oktoberfest. Saucy, how did you enjoy this beer from Munich, Germany?

Saucy: Very tasty, almost a fruitiness to the scent. Felt like I tasted grape. Nice malty flavor, although seemed a little less flavorful than when I had it in a bottle for whatever reason.

SC: Interesting observation. I bet it would have tasted even better coming from a boot. Since we have an an0nymous facebook user sitting in on this interview, Anonymous, what did you think of the Spaten?

Anonymous: I'd have to agree with Saucy. It had a fruity undertone. It almost tasted like wine to me. Very light. Very crisp. And a good pair with a brat and heavy cheese sauce.

SC: Before you run off to the bathroom, Spicy, what were your thoughts on the brats with horseradish cheese sauce?

SH: TASTY, TASTY, TASTY. The cheese would go awesome with French fries.

SC: How did you like the kraut?

SH: Loved the kraut. Would have liked even more of it, but I think that's a personal preference. It was my favorite dish of the evening.

SC: Thank you, Spicy. You are excused to use the restroom now. Back to you, Saucy. The third course featured a blackened prime rib potato skin with blue cheese, onions and peppers. This was paired with a Weyerbacher Harvest Ale. Saucy, yay or nay?

Saucy: Yay, with a qualifier. Nice hoppy flavor with a wonderful bite. But seemed a little too easy-drinking with a little bit of an aftertaste.

SC: Thank you, Saucy. Spicy, welcome back. We were discussing the third course, which featured a sampling of potato skins. Your thoughts?

SH: Uniquely delicious. The spicyness of the skins paired well with the hoppiness of the beer.

SC: I'd have to agree with you on the spiciness. It was a very nice pairing. Any other observations from the group?

Saucy: YES! I really enjoyed them. (The rest of this comment was deleted because Saucy had another Spaten and his words were not PG.)

SC: Alrighty, let's move on to the final course. A delightful sweet potato mousse served with a Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale. Spicy, we'll direct the first question to you while Saucy pounds his beer. What did you think of the mousse?

SH: I'd have to be honest: it was a little bit soupy. But the flavor was very good, especially the crumbly toppings.

SC: Yes, I'd agree wholeheartedly that I enjoyed the crumbly toppings as well. Saucy, how was your Smuttynose?

Saucy: This was a premier pumpkin beer. Just a hint of cinnamon flavor. It was less sweet than most. Feels like a beer. It's not like one of these fruity nonsenses.
SH: There's not enough pumpkin flavor in it to be a premier pumpkin beer. Saucy considers any hoppy beer a premier beer.

Saucy: What are you talking about, woman? If I bought a growler of this and a homeless dude asked me for a sip, I'd probably beat him and leave him for dead.

SC: Wow Saucy, so you hate the environment and the homeless?

Saucy: I'm pro-environment and anti-homeless, but only when they ask me for my beer.

SC: Wow, we're really hitting the issues tonight. Back to the Beer Tasting Dinner. Any closing thoughts on the night? What was your favorite beer, Saucy?

Saucy: {mumbles something derogatory that's not safe for print, so I'll just summarize and say Smuttynose was his favorite}

SC: Spicy?

Spicy: I'd have to go with a real premier pumpkin. One that actually tastes like pumpkin! Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin!

{Saucy leads a conversation in the background and mumbles something about Joe Sixpack}

SC: I'm glad you brought up Mr. Sixpack, Saucy. What did you think of him emceeing tonight's event?

Saucy: I thought he had a lot of very nice insights about the beer. I like that Chap's is branching out to get people like that involved. I would like Chap's even more if they got some Stone IPA up in this piece.

SC: Thank you for your thoughts there, Saucy. Spicy, any last words?

Spicy: Thought the dinner was well executed and I'm looking forward to more beer tastings at Chap's.

SC: Thank you to all of my guests this evening, Saucy, Spicy and Anonymous. I would have to agree that this evening was very enjoyable. I was impressed by the service of the staff at Chap's and definitely cannot wait for the next beer tasting. This concludes our first roundtable review. Have a wonderful evening!


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