Sunday, September 4, 2011

Are the Eggs really Green?

A trip into Northern Liberties turned into an adventure filled with Philly Cream cheese, Smoked Atlantic Salmon(only the best), Pork Loin, Hollandaise, and Rosemary potatoes. But, I won't get ahead of myself...lets start from the beginning.

Having wanted to go eat at Greens Eggs Cafe for quite some time now (it only being a block away from my sister's house) Cheezy and I made time to go there for breakfast, choosing to go Labor Day weekend where we got seated right away. (I hear most have to wait in line between 30-40's just that good) We were seated outside where the breeze was blowing and the coffee was flowing. Wanting to try most everything on the menu, we each picked something different so that we could have a little bit of each. Myself picking-Philly Style Eggs Benedict, and Cheezy choosing-Smoked Salmon Benedict. Anxiously awaiting our meals we were a tad upset that we didn't see the matching bulldog pair that the neighborhood has to offer.

Once we saw the task at hand, we said to each other "Eat them! Eat them!, Here they are." Diving into the Philly Style first I was greeted by the savory taste of the eggs and pork, combined with the pretzel role that lie beneath. Not to mention the hollandaise...runny perfection! It being a party in my mouth and not wanting to leave, Cheezy urged me to try his smoked salmon, "You may like them. You will see. You may like them in a tree?"

"I would not, could not in a tree," but I may like them you will see. Smoked salmon eggs benedict - all one thing? Quite the contrary. This salmon came wrapped in cream cheese and was completely separated from the eggs and benedict, or eggs benedict? The result, no matter how you got around to it, was fantastic! "Say! I will eat them ANYWHERE!"

So...In case you do not have the stamina to try both, quite possible since both meals are served with a heaping pile of roasted potatoes (either signature or rosemary), I'd recommend the Philly Style. Word of warning, the smoked salmon has more cream cheese then meets the eye. Although Green Eggs prepares you for this challenge by providing a fork, knife and spoon along with a heavy duty napkin to combat this problem, the amount of cream cheese is not a deal breaker in the overall goodness of the meal.

Green Eggs Cafe
Northern Liberties
719 North 2nd Street
215.922.EGGS (3447)

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