Saturday, September 24, 2011


With two beer weekends back to back, Emmental is about to check in to Betty Ford, but is prepared to share with you the skinny on the Newtown 2011 Beer Fest. This is the one that takes place in the center of town versus the "fake" one that is about 2 miles from Newtown proper.

The best of the best are featured below with my notes as is from drinking it up with our lovely N'towners.

Cricket Hill - Festivus - Crisp, subtle spice. A bit drab. Like I made it over a really long weekend.

Ithaca - Apricot Wheat - Ah! Refreshing. Zing of apricot, mild wheat flow with every sip.

Allagash - Curieux - Bourbony almost creme brulee dessert. Heavy body. A sipper.

Ommegang - Aphrodite - Tart, crisp, champagne like. A mimosa with blood orange tang. A brunch beer. One and done.

Unibroue - Blanche de Chambly, Maudite and Fin du Monde - If you haven't tried these Canadian beers yet, you are lame. Been rocking these since the mid 00's. Think CHIMAY on steroids. Lots of simple cloud like heavenly meringue and fluffy cloudness about these three. Two Fin's, Four Maudites or 6 Chambly's per person.

Harpoon - Oktoberfest - Had this one before - quite seasonal for the aut-umn. Easy drinkin'. Take with you to woods for a bonfire night.

Allagash Triple - Oofah. Great body on this beer. Could have had five refills, but alas, so many more stations to visit. Will always fill a mixed sixer with this.

Neshaminy Creek - Oatmeal Stoudt - Yummy for few seconds. Like I made it my bath tub. No. Like I made it in guest room with my best and favorite underoos as a filter, yes. The finish was too Febreze fresh and simple. Stouts need to be complex like...

Great Divide - Yeti Imperial Stout - Such a retreat from fending off all the damn IPAs. This beer has legs and they are hairy. It's a bold complex glass of deliciousness. Have preferred the Belgian version, but happy to comply with a tiny glass of this majesty.

Cotrel - Who is this brewery? Oktoberfest - a wet home brewery.

Dock Street - Kolch - The dark horse of the festival. Very flavorful and easy. Easy drinking. Simple. Beer.

Dogfish Head - Punk - Pumpkin Beer - A burst of pumpkin pie with every sip. I prefer the River Horse Hippo Lantern regardless off the boldness of Weyerbacher.

River Horse - Hip-O-Lantern Pumpkin - Deeeeeeeeeelish. My favorite beer of the season. Too bad I'm pumpkined out at this point and it's not even October.

STONE - Arrogant Bastard - Yes, this arrogant bastard enjoyed the same named brew. Quite caramelly and easy. Can't even remember how horrible Double Bastard is after drinking this one. Mellow. Drink two. Call it a night.

Overall - not too much of a crowd. Lines took only five minutes to get through. Fabulous selection of east coast brewers to choose from. Looked like lots of food vendors which I should have tried.

Best in show - APHRODITE by Ommegang.
Miss Congeniality - ALLAGASH Curieux - gurl, you give some interesting head.
Last Place - Cricket - I guess there's a reason why they put you at the front of the entrance, eh?

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