Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tale of the Pie: Affamato's Pizza & Italian Restaurant

Before we launched The Pizza Project as a blog, it was simply a spreadsheet we used to keep track of the best and worst pie attributes from local pizzerias. Some of the worst belonged to an establishment by the name of Paesano's. So it's not exactly a surprise that Paesano's has since closed down and been replaced by a new pizza shop: Affamato's Pizza & Italian Restaurant.

With hopes that the same owners weren't simply reopening under a new name, we decided to give Affamato's a try. And while their pie was definitely a million times better than Paesano's, it still has some room for improvement.

We ordered a large pepperoni with a side of mozzerella sticks. At first bite, the crust seemed to be nearly perfect in texture and form. Curiously though, it got thicker and chewier with each subsequent bite, making the edge basically inedible. Light on the sauce, which was a bit watery, definitely not a robust tomato-y red. Heavy on the cheese, which I wouldn't really complain about, but if you're not a major cheese lover, you may find it a bit tough to swallow...literally. The pie was topped with just the right amount of flavorful pepperoni.

Mozz sticks (and accompanying sauce) were pretty run of the mill, and perhaps a bit cold because the cheese wasn't oozing.

Hubby picked up the pie - it was ready in 10-12 minutes even though they quoted us 20 (so get there early if you don't want a cold one). Friendly cashier and a significant difference in the number of people there picking up orders (from the extremely empty Paesano's).

To sum it up, it was an average pie, but we'd consider giving them another try a few months down the road (since they just recently opened).

Pros: Fast, friendly service, tasty pepperoni
Cons: Crust got too thick and chewy, sauce sparse and thin

Affamato's Pizza & Italian Restaurant
431 S. Trooper Road
Norristown, PA 19403


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  1. I eat at Affamato's all the time. The food is amazing. Their cheesesteaks are one of the best & I tried a cheesesteak at almost every pizza shop in the area. They do great specials on Sundays for football - 2 large pizzas and 25 wings for $30 & Monday - Friday they do a $5.00 lunch special that is normally a nice size hoagie (12 in) accompanied by a bag of chips or a side of fries. Their prices are definitely lower than most shops in the area. Ive never had a complaint about the pizza and the strombolis are great & packed with toppings. This might be a new place but it definitely has the right taste. Good quality! A+

  2. I agree with anonymous. The food & pizza here is really good & the customer service is awesome. As for the comment above: you really can't judge a pizza shop by the mozzarella sticks. The dinners here are really good & really reasonable. You get a huge piece of chicken parm with a huge portion of spaghetti and 3 of their famous garlic knots for $11.00. Their portions are big enough for 2! You can't beat it! The food is authentic and the sauce is delicious. Plus they delivery all the time so it's convenient! A+ as well.

  3. Thanks for the comments and suggestions of some of their other menu items and deals!

  4. Sorry, I don't know how to make an account from my phone so I am posting as anonymous. Their food is great. They homemake their meatballs & they're delicious. Their cold hoagies are stuffed with a ton of meat & cheese and they also carry hoagie spread, which is really hard to find at pizza shops. They also make their own BBQ & hotsauce for the wings and cook them perfectly.

  5. I've eaten at AFFAMATOS plenty of times and its one of the best shops in this area and there are some good ones around!!!! I agree with the commenter above the Meatballs are AMAZing!!!!!!!! And so is their pizza...... we eat here three times a week and haven't had a bad meal yet!!!!!!!!..... and just to mention the girls at the counter are little cuties!!!!!