Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Freezer Case: The Nardone Bros. Pizza

It has been a while since there was a review from the freezer case. Here's one to avoid if possible. When first opening the box my first words were "It looks like Ellio's." Could that have been further from the truth. What I wasn't aware of was that the cheese was not mozzarella but instead american. No where on the box did it say it was american other than on the nutritional facts label. What a disaster. As you bit into a slice the cheese would clump and stick to the top of your mouth and teeth. The cheese was so distracting that I can't even comment on the sauce. Even loading my slices with hot sauce did not make it any more enjoyable. Oh how I wish it was Ellio's.


  1. American cheese on Pizza? The Nardones should have the vowel taken off of the end of their name.

  2. ya, their pizza sucks. thats why they been in the game since the 40's dumb ass

  3. Nardones pizza is awesome because u can actually taste the cheese unlike ellios pizza that all u can taste is the sauce..nardones pizza hands down best frozen individual pizza there is

    1. You sir must be on crack! That pizza is so horrible I wouldn't serve it to the homeless!

  4. I do love lots of different pizzas and can understand why some might not like Nardones, but I love Nardones and I wish I could buy it where I live.

  5. I love Nardones pizza I miss it so much!!! Wish I could get it in the mail!!!