Saturday, September 3, 2011

Booze in 100 Words or Less - Double Header on The Bruery

Emmental considers himself a risk taker. After denying all senses of a four pack of Piraat, I decided to indeed try something completely different. Branch out. Folks, there's a reason why it's called bottom shelf and top shelf. I found these guys on the bottom shelf of the Devon Whole Foods today.

I snagged what I thought was going to be quite enjoyable brews by The Bruery who not only need a lesson in branding, web design, but ahem, brewing. The Orchard White...this tastes like I just licked dewey grass at midnight accompanied by a buffalo chip (but the chip could be from the menthol I had earlier). You're taking "earthy" to a whole new level. It's too grassy. If I wanted grass, well, I'd smoke it. The Black Orchard...eesh. Did you squeeze some disco floor sweat into this business? O-M-G, Bruery, O-M-G!

Here's a new texting abbreviation for you all - DNB. That's right Do Not Buy. BUNKO!

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