Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Monthly Roundup: September's Top Posts

To close each month, we'll do a quick roundup of the not-to-miss posts. In a blog with so much fascinating content, it could be easy to miss one or two good posts.

If you need a break from thinking about that Phillies loss tonight, take a look back at some of our best content from September.

  • Senor Crusty joins the team and introduces a fun new feature, When I Googled. Check out monogram turkey platter and pierogi dinner.
  • To mark the end of the shore season, Saucy reviews a few spots in Wildwood and Cape May: Mack's Pizza, Nino's Family Restaurant and Cabanas.
  • It's that time of year again ... Oktoberfest, beerfest, beer dinner. Whatever the name of the event, the beer's the main attraction. Emmental reviews the Newtown Beerfest and Crusty interviews Spicy and Saucy about the fall beer dinner at Chap's with Joe Sixpack.
  • Their season's only just begun, but some of us are already over them. Yep, we're talking about the Eagles. LOL, Saucy, LOL.
  • We review Port Richmond's legendary pizza spot, Tacconelli's. And Ellio returns from his honeymoon with a report on pizza in Curacao.


The Pizza Project
Just a nibble:
Single slice:
The full pie:

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