Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tale of the Pie: Tosco Pizza & Italian Restaurant

While driving home from a kiddie Halloween party at the library, we decided to stop in Tosco's on a whim. To sum up our experience: average pie, average price, below average atmosphere.

We ordered a large pepperoni and a side of mozzerella sticks. Sauce was pretty tasty, a rich, tomato-y flavor. For the most part, there was an ample amount; however, I found my first slice to be lacking in much sauce and therefore lacking in flavor. Just the right amount of gooey cheese. The crust was okay, a little thick for my taste and a tad dry, especially at the edge. But it folded nicely and made the pie pretty easy to consume. Pepperoni amount was good; taste was nothing to write home about. Overall flavor is pretty good, execept on the slice without much sauce. Mozz sticks were quite good: cheese was oozing and the accompanying sauce was quite delicious.

Our server was fast and attentive. However, if we ever decide to enjoy a Tosco pie again, it will be in the comfort of our own home. While the place was pretty busy for a Thursday night, the clientele leaves something to be desired. A dirty, crazy-eyed loon wandering dangerously close to pie preparation area. A group of loud teenagers dining in their wife beaters and burping loudly (at one point, the nibble hilariously said "excuse me" for them). A lonely old man trying to chat up the waitress and anyone else who made the mistake of looking his way.

So if you're looking to try Tosco's, we wouldn't warn against it. But we definitely recommend getting your pie to go!

Pros: Very good mozz sticks and dip; decent sauce on pie
Cons: Thick, dry crust; atmosphere and fellow diners

Tosco Pizza & Italian Restaurant
2908 West Ridge Pike
Norristown, PA 19403

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