Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tale of the Pie: Paesano Pizza

Oofah. Talk about a bad pie. Our level of disappointment might be partly due to the fact that the last two pizza joints we reviewed (Oaks, Gino's) were quite good. Or perhaps the pie just totally sucked.

We originally ordered for delivery, but when we were quoted a time estimate of an hour, we decided to pick up because I was too darn hungry to wait. Paesano's must be going green and delivering by foot because there was literally no one else in the place when the hubby picked up the pie. So we're not exactly sure what would have taken an hour.

Yep, no one else in a pizza shop on a Friday during Lent. That should have been the first indication that it might not be so hot. We ordered a plain cheese with extra sauce and a side of mozz sticks. Positives first: the sticks were good and they gave us plenty of marinara sauce for dipping. The sauce itself was a bit bland. The pie was terrible. Doughy, burnt crust. Chunky, tasteless sauce (and too much of it). Cheese seemed congealed, not gooey. And due to their faulty pickup time estimate, it was cold by the time the hubby got home, even though we only live two minutes away.

As I reheated the leftover slices for lunch on Saturday, the hubby said he really didn't want it. So we tried to feed it to Bump as a special meal for his fifth birthday. His response?
"No thanks, the kibbles are just fine."
Pros: No delivery charge
Cons: Obscenely long wait for delivery; doughy, burnt crust; chunky, tasteless sauce; congealed cheese, cold temp 

Paesano Pizza
431 South Trooper Road
Eagleville, PA 19403
(610) 539-9787

Disclaimer: We don't actually feed Bumpkin pizza. We're actually pretty strict about his diet, as we want to keep that sweetheart around for much longer than the average bulldog life expectancy of eight years.

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  1. I experienced this beer over the summer and was pleased with the flavor. My friend told me it would be a little "flowery" and I had no idea what he meant till I tried.