Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Yunique Slice Indeed

I work in Center City, and the other day I was in the mood for pizza. So, since I work around 17th and Arch, I decided to hit up a place whose pizza I have enjoyed in the past: Yunique Pizza. I have enjoyed this pizza before, and, now that I am blogging about pizza, I wanted to see if it was as good as I remembered. And I did come to a verdict...

...But before I get to that: Yeah, I have no idea about the name. My first thought was that maybe the people who own the place are idiots who don't know how to spell the word "unique." That could be the case, but more likely I think is that the owner is named Yunique, and he or she just decided to name the place after themselves, no matter how grammatically incorrect it is. So, in other words, the owners are not idiots. It is simply that their parents are. Note: I have no idea if the place is named after the owner who has a ridiculously misspelled name. This is just a supposition I am making. Their name could be Joe for all I know. I really could care less what they call the place because...

...These people make a really great slice of pizza. I bought two slices, one plain and one pepperoni. The plain slice I had was absolute perfection. You could feel the flour on the crust. It had just the right amount of flakiness, while maintaining the ability to fold easily for more convenient consumption. The sauce was ample and had just the right amount of sweetness and tang (is tang a word, or does it need to be proceeded by a syllable, like mus- or poon-?). It also had the right amount of cheese. It wasn't overwhelming and the taste of it did not take over the slice. Another great thing about the place was that the slices were sizeable. These were no thinnies. Each one took about 12 bites to complete, which seems about right to me even though I have never really come up with an optimum amount of bites to complete a slice of pizza before because I used to have a life. The prices of these large slices were quite competitive as well, with the plain costing $2.00 and the pepperoni slice a mere 25 cents more.

If I were to offer a complaint, it would be with the pepperoni slice. If anything, it might have had TOO MUCH pepperoni. As a large amount of pepperoni tends to generate extra greasiness, the slice seemed to get slightly soaked through, resulting in a crust that got a little bit filmy. It became a little difficult to eat. But somehow I managed. In the end, I enjoyed the slice; it is simply that when I go back I will probably just get a plain slice as I think that is the better product.

Another thing I would say is that I did get the final two slices of two previously prepared pies. At first, I feared that these slices were going to be inferior because they were sitting around forever before reheating. Though my fears were quelled upon tasting the delicious morsels, I still have an itching feeling that my experience would have been even better had a not gotten the lonely straggler slices. Then again, it is a recession. These folks can't just toss away slices because they think some guy with a blog that two people read might come along and downgrade their product.

In the end, I have to give dap to Yunique Pizza. They make a good slice. I really wish they would move to Norristown so I could have a decent pizza once in a while. Until then, if you happen to be in the city and you feel like playing a little game of Dodge the Filthy Homeless Person Who Is Talking To Himself, stop into the concourse at Suburban Station. Your tastebuds will thank you! As for your other body parts? They will thank you for not standing too close to the train tracks. The more psychotic homeless gents like to push people in, and that could really spoil your sight-seeing.


1617 John F. Kennedy Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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