Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tale of the Pie: SliCE (Rittenhouse Square)

When we went to Rittenhouse Square's economically named SliCEthe other day, we forgot our notepad. So I took notes via texts to my wife's phone. I figured I would then just look at the sent messages and I could recount the experience that way. One problem: I then proceeded to lose my phone that night. Being that I did not want to monopolize my wife's phone for a significant stretch, I was kind of stuck. Five days after the experience, the memory is starting to fade slightly so I had to snatch Spicy's mobile. I will now write a review of the pie, only rather than using the notes as the backbone of the review, I will type the texts in their entirety and then try to translate them as best as possible as extinguished memories hopefully return.

Text #1

Fryit flies no serving spoon for salad very tasty salad with many toppings
Ah, I see. That's right. We were a little worried about the place at first because we saw little critters with imperceptible wings circling our bottles of uncorked vino. The worries about service were underlined when a salad was placed at our table with no serving spoon. This is a problem for two people, but it is even bigger when you are sharing it between a party of six. We needed to rig some tongs up using two generous individuals' forks. However, the antipasto did live up to our culinary expectations since it was very ample and packed with delicious ingredients, such as fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, and roasted peppers (as well as sh*t I don't eat like portabello mushrooms and artichokes).

Text #2

Asked for double cut and didn't get it. Had to ask seconf time.
You see, we ordered a Quattro Stagione, which in Italian means "four quarters." On each quarter, you were able to order a different topping. We ordered it with pepperoni, sausage, hot peppers, and eggplant (I later excommunicated the friend who ordered this ingredient). One of our dinner partners asked that the pizza be double-cut (16 slices instead of eight) so that everybody might have a better chance of trying as many types as they wanted. Quite savvy on her part. Only the pizza guy forgot to execute the request. Not good. What was good was how the server (also serving as hostess) swiftly remedied the mistake. Still, you have to pay attention to those little requests otherwise older, suburban folk who don't get into the city very often - like us - get very touchy!

Text #3
Light on cheese but it is tasty. Sauce is nice. Chunky anf tomatoey. Crust is good. Foldable. Nice texture. Pineapple pie. Maybe a little light on pine apple Saw a thick. Crust. Like not applied to edge. Bur igt varies.
First of all, "Bur igt varies!" Wow! You can tell I was getting pretty torn up right then, huh? Red wine! What can I say? It's tasty as a mickyficky! In fact, after typing this text, I remember escaping to the bathroom for a urinal break that I believe took at least five minutes. But back to the pie. Yes, the wife did find it light on cheese. But as I am the author, I will say that I found the cheese to be delicious and complementary to the sauce, which I found to be delectable. It was thick and vibrant. A real winner. As you can see, the crust was more than satisfactory. The pineapple on the Hawaiian, which also came with prosciutto and was available in red or white styles, was a little scarce in my opinion. It seemed to be stationed around the crust of the pie and would evaporate as you moved down to the middle. This being said, I do believe I had five slices of the thing, so I can't complain too much. As for the final bit, I did see a couple slices where the perimeter of the crust was a little naked for my liking. However, this was not a problem with the pie as a whole - more of a distribution problem on some slices - and I will admit that my issue with this could be exacerbated by my love of the sauce. I doubt they could have given me enough if they applied it via fire hose.

Text #4
Pepperoni thick and spicy. Real distinctive.
Not much more has to be said here. SliCE's pepperoni was probably one of the best I have ever had on a pie. It was cut thick and its taste literally came alive on the tongue. At least three people at the table commented on its superiority to similar establishment's varieties.

Text #5
Not spicy enough with the peppers. But tasty still. Eggplant good but i am not getting near it.
Here's my thing: If you are going to advertise hot peppers as a topping, I want those things to be hot. I should begin to sweat. I should wear out a napkin dabbing the brow. I should have to drink a couple glasses of Pinot Grigio to dull the sensation (come to think of it, a few people at the table did this one, but that would have happened if we were eating gazpacho). Slice's hot peppers were tasty, but a bit bland on the heat scale. And yeah, I guess I just wrote something about the eggplant because I hate it. I don't think you should be allowed to eat stuff like that on a pizza. Or, like, ever.

Text #6
Friend gets margarita to go!
The last text pretty much sums up the general consensus on SliCE's offerings. So satisfied was this gent by the pizza that he ordered a Margarita version to go, with the intention of eating it in the park on the way to our next destination. He then proceeded to get angry as f*ck when his lady attempted to give the pie away to some friends at the club as a lark. Seriously, he was FUMING. Even though the pizza was retrieved (and later scarfed), I think he almost punched a homeless man on the way to Tir na Nog for a late-night drink. The guy committed the crime of asking for a slice. And if you know anything, you know that is the number-one indicator of pie enjoyment: whether you want to punch a homeless man for asking for a slice.

Good job, SliCE! You made my friend want to punch a homeless man!

Pros: Excellent sauce, terrific pepperoni, very good crust
Cons: Somewhat thrifty on cheese and pepperoni, hot peppers a little bland, some hiccups from service perspective

SliCE (Rittenhouse Square)
1740 Sansom St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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  1. BRAVO Saucy. I enjoyed your recap of Slice. This friend who ordered the pizza to go sounds like a genius IMHO.