Monday, August 29, 2011


Hurricane Irene
(In this handout image provided by NOAA, Hurricane Irene churns of the coast of the Carolinas on August 26, 2011. NOAA via Getty Images)

Where do I begin? I'm sure many of you spent the latter part of your Saturday evenings in your basements or laundry/panic rooms anxiously awaiting a tornado caused by the passing through Hurricane Irene. 

We mostly experienced a lot rain of all shapes and forms here. None of which our dogs cared for despite donning their fancy new rain coats.

I petered out at about 3:30 a.m. fully dressed and in my running shoes in case we had to bolt into the night. We awoke to a pretty cool lightly breezy morning, a few branches down and no more. 

For more photos of Irene's destruction and chaos see below.

How did Irene treat you? Share with us.

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