Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Rare Night Out: My Little Sister's Bachelorette

Do I need to stop referring to her as my "little sister," now that she's all grown up and getting married? I suppose I should graduate to calling her my younger sister, or even just my sister. After all, no reason to remind myself (or anyone else) that I'm older.

Anyway, last weekend, we hit the town for her bachelorette. It's been quite a while since I was out and about in the Philly club scene. So long that I tried on at least 12 outfits, some new and some old, for both my hubby and my sister.

Does this make me look like a frumpy mom? Do I look like I'm trying to hard to be 21 again?
And then I ended up wearing something totally different that night.

We started out with dinner for 10 at Continental. Definitely an old favorite, actually the same spot where I enjoyed my bachelorette dinner. And the food was just as good as I remembered. Crispy calamari salad with just the right amount of tangy peanut dressing, so the calamari actually stays crispy while you're eating it. Cheesesteak eggrolls oozing with cheese and a spicy ketchup for dipping. Shoestring fries with a touch of Chinese mustard. Oowee, everything was just as delicious - if not more - than I remember it to be! And of course, the drinks - while a bit pricey - are fantastic.

Service was extremely fast and our server was very attentive. She did say that she would need to charge us $30 to serve our funfetti penis cake, because she couldn't allow us to cut it ourselves, but we remedied that situation by quickly passing it around and everyone just helping themselves to a piece (my mom's idea). And the server kindly pretended not to notice.

After dinner and a bit more driving around in the limo (we had to test out that Margarita cube after all), we kicked off our bar hopping at Bleu Martini. As we were walking around Olde City looking for a place to begin the dance portion of the evening, the bouncers practically begged us to come inside, so we did. It must have been fairly early at that point because there wasn't too much dancing to be found, but we were graced with the company of a few characters and a few free drinks.

We then moved onto Mint. No cover, and definitely more dancing. Didn't stay too long though - we decided to hop back in the limo and head to one of my old standbys, L'Etage. As we stepped out of the limo and didn't see any bouncers or hear any music, the gals began to wonder where I took us. But once we opened the door and walked up the stairs, it was just like I had walked back in time. The dance floor was packed, the music was pumping and there were plenty of guys looking to entertain us. Some of them borderline creepy, but you've got to expect that with a group of four hot gals wearing bachelorette paraphernalia and getting our dance on like it's our jobs! When the lights went on, I couldn't believe it was already 2 a.m., but I was sweaty and tired and ready to get back to my normal life. And definitely thankful that we had a limo to take us home (props out to our little brother for chipping in for that). There I go with the "little" again ...

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  1. Creep at L'etageAugust 19, 2011 at 9:59 PM

    Wow! I notice you weren't calling me a creep when we was getting our "Dancin' On Air" on! CALL ME!