Monday, August 15, 2011


From haute couture to your granny's instagrams, I searched near and far for the first photo of the week. We've been pretty wet out here in PA and I've been dreaming of sunny days at the beach. Luckily we don't get any of these friends down the shore...
RImage SIHEUNG-RI, SOUTH KOREA - OCTOBER 13: Hyeon Eun Yeol, a 55-year-old Haenyeo, resurfaces after a dive not far from a giant stinging jellyfish October 13, 2009 in the waters off Siheung-ri on the island of Jeju, South Korea. Hyeon Eun Yeol has been diving for Sora, or conch in English using a metal hook in her hand to ply the conch of the rocks on the seabed. She then surfaces, puts the Sora collected in the net attached to her personal homemade buoy and after a very short break dives again. This goes on until the net is full or she has exhausted her diving spot Ð the she will wave at the groupÕs boat which will come to pich her up to empty her net and perhaps take her to a different fishing spot. Being in her 50s makes Hyeon Eun Yeol one of the younger Haenyeos in her group. (Photo by David Hogsholt/Reportage by Getty Images)

Learn more - David Hogsholt | Reportage by Getty Images

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  1. Whoa! If they can make a Planet of the Apes 19, there should be a movie coming about that thing! Killer jellyfish = Big box office.