Friday, August 5, 2011

Tale of the Pie: Marzano's Pizza & Steaks

We were beginning to get a little concerned about the Philly Mag best pizza list after each of the last two ended up to be a bust (see posts on Franzone's and Bravo). But the list was redeemed after we sampled the pie at Marzano's Pizza & Steaks in Exton.

However, before I get into the pie, one small gripe with Philly Mag's pizza issue, or perhaps just a suggestion for the next list. Exton's not exactly down the street for us, so we expected to eat in. But this shop was definitely not built for eating in, especially with a 19-month-old. However, there was a small counter with a couple of stools, so we saddled up with the nibble in our lap and ordered a pie.

The staff was very friendly - the cashier even complimented the leopard-print Sephora nail art that I'm probably too old to be wearing. Evidence of the Philly Mag recognition was proudly displayed on the wall and copies of the issue were available on the counter. They didn't seem too busy for a Saturday evening and there was no overwhelming aroma of deliciousness, so we weren't sure what to expect.

A red top-style where the sauce is definitely the main event, Marzano's pie was delectable. The sauce was unlike any other I've ever had - almost like the thick, chunky "gravy" you'd expect to find on top of your grandma's Sunday meatballs and spaghetti. With such a unique sauce, the taste of cheese and crust were really secondary. The cheese was a bit sparse and I personally would have liked a bit more. The crust was thick, which was a necessity to hold all of the sauce, falling somewhere in between a New York-style and Chicago-style. However, it wasn't dense at all, and still tasted airy enough for me.

Next time we're in the Exton area, we'll definitely swing by Marzano's. However, this time we'll bring a booster seat for the nibble.

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Pros: Unique, delicious sauce, overall tastiness
Cons: Not much room for eating in, little cheese

Marzano's Pizza & Steaks
320 E. Lincoln Hwy.
Exton, PA 19341-2729

phone: 610-280-0333

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