Monday, June 6, 2011

Nathan's Famous Frankfurters

I'd like to share my Nathan's experience with you in an equation because I do not know how to explain, in writing, my chili cheese dog, sausage and peppers dog, and the 42oz of Killian's Irish Red...

[(chili cheese dog + sausage and peppers dog + 42oz of beer) * shear excitement of seeing 42oz of beer for $6.25] / 1 trip to the lavatory = Epic bachelor party

But, what I can do is briefly explain the mathematical principles of my findings. The answer, solution, or result to the equation above will undoubtedly be a very positive number being that the denominator is only 1. Without the presence of a "-" sign, this claim holds true and from which the term "bro-ing out" evolves into another meaning of sincere bliss.

This does not mean that only fellow bros can partake in this, but it should be a reminder to all that a very darn good hot dog is out there and its got a friend named 42oz :)

The Original Nathan's Famous Est. 1916
Coney Island
1310 Surf Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11224
The Original Nathan's Famous Est. 1916 on Urbanspoon

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