Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Slightly Aimless Rant about...the Beer Guy at the Phillies Game

Went to the Phillies game the other day and decided to get a beer. While I am waiting in line, the guy working the register makes a grandiose declaration: "We card here! Have your identification ready!" I thought this pretty ridiculous in that I am 35 years old, but I acquiesced. I figured they were just trying to discourage some 18-year-old frat guy from standing in the line, and thought their efforts noble. I ordered my Anchor Steam and went about my way.

Fast-forward two innings. I go back to the same beer stand. Remembering the way I was carded the time before, I had my I.D. ready and presented it to the guy at the register. He laughs and says "Come on, man! You were born in the 70s," to the great entertainment of the rest of the people in line.

This is my problem! If you want to card every person who tries to get a beer, do it. I think it is stupid to card a 60-year-old codger, but if you are trying to encourage uniformity and adherence to rules and regulations, fine! Now if you would rather pick and choose, I would say that is the better mode of operation. If it is obvious that someone is over 21, just sell them their humongous Bud Light aluminum bottle/projectile weapon, and move the line along. Just pick one option and stick with it! Don't make me bust out the driver's license in the fourth inning, and then mock me for trying to follow your instructions in the sixth. That is just plain rude! And you will get no tip! Other than the one at the end of my middle finger.

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