Monday, June 6, 2011

5 Quick Thoughts on ... Pizza Project Post 101

Woohoo! This is post number 101 on The Pizza Project. From a random idea at a family lunch in February to 100 posts published, probably about half of them about pizza, we're pretty excited about getting this far. While we've got a bit to go before we are the Craig LaBans of the pizza world, we're ready to take this thing to the next level ...

1. Please Comment! We know we have visitors because of the nifty google blogger analytics, but we don't have nearly enough comments. Hate one of Saucy's opinionated rants? Love one of the pizza spots we reviewed? Just stopping by for the neon Chinese food sign photo? Have any suggestions on how to make this thing better? LET US KNOW! You can even post comments anonymously.

2. Look for us soon on Facebook and Twitter. I cringe while writing that because I'm actually anti-Facebook and an extremely private person (hence the pizza-related pseudonyms). But we know that social media is the way to spread the word, so we'll be joining the rest of the modern world shortly.

3. Thank you to our writers and our readers! It's takes both parties to make this thing happen, so we appreciate your time and your interest. A special shout-out to our number one fan - yes, we're talking about you, Jake/Steve/Travis.

4. Everyone's a critic. So if you want to join the team, just shoot us an email. The pay is ... well, the priceless enjoyment of sharing your opinions with anyone who cares. And if you don't want to write a full post, check out our Pizza Project survey on the side, where you can submit quick ratings for pizza shops.

5. We welcome advertisers. Whether you're looking to promote your pizza shop, an upcoming event or a new brew, contact us to see how we can work together.

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