Sunday, June 5, 2011

Booze ... in 50 Words or Less (this time More): Appalachian Brewing Co.

So I ended up at the new Appalachian Brewing Company restaurant for the second night in a row. I met up with a couple of friends to sample more of their beer. I decided to order a sampler which included 5 ounce glasses of all 7 "flagship" beers and one 5 ounce glass of a specialty beer. When I ordered the sampler the waitress looked at me, laughed and said "Is that just for you?" and I replied with a simple "yes." Then with a smile on her she face says "Okay champ, I will be back to clear the remaining 30% that you couldn't finish." Whoa, now I had to finish all the samples!

I did end up finishing all the samples. All 7 of the "flagship" beers were good. I think the Hoppy Trails IPA stood out the most with its floral aroma. The only beer I did not really care for was the specialty, the Anniversary Maibock. The maibock had a really sweet after taste that I just did not care for.

Appalachian Brewing Company
50 West 3rd Ave
Collegeville Station 2nd Floor
Collegeville, PA 19426

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