Monday, January 16, 2012

Tale of the Pie: Via Roma Pizzeria

I could sum up Via Roma's pizza in one word: average. There is nothing exhilarating about this pie, but there also aren't any elements that are particularly offensive.
We ordered a large pepperoni and side of wings (with extra hot sauce) to go. As we're finding with most takeout orders these days, the quoted completion time was too long and the pie was already done when we picked it up, resulting in a cold pizza by the time we got it home. The texture of the crust was decent, thin enough for the most part, but perhaps a bit too soft in certain spots. The sauce was of the watery tomato variety, not especially flavorful and definitely not generously applied. The amount of cheese was just right, as was the gooey texture, but again, it was nothing that would send your taste buds popping. The only part of the pizza that did have much taste was the pepperoni, with a bit of a tangy kick.

The wings were not particularly spicy, or even flavorful. And they were a bit overdone/dried out. But they were quite meaty. I'd have to guess that we did not receive the extra hot sauce we requested and well, if we did, the typical order must be pretty darn dry.

Price are standard; the pie and wings were $21. Honestly, there is nothing so compelling about the pizza that would ever make me want to try it again. But if we were already in that shopping center buying stamps or getting the nibble's hair cut, running in for a quick slice wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

Pros: Spicy pepperoni, good amount of cheese
Cons: Not much flavor at all, watery sauce

Via Roma Pizzeria
(610) 631-0669
3200 Ridge Pike

Norristown, PA  19403

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