Monday, July 18, 2011

Time for a Random List: The Ten Best T-Shirts Currently Available at the Urban Outfitters Website

10) Mr. Rogers

I mean, just look at the cardigan. The man was ahead of his time.

9) Rebuild Japan

Don't get me wrong! I am a patriot! But I couldn't give less of an azz about soccer. So props out to the Japanese ladies for their ridiculous victory yesterday. May it bring some piece to a country brought to its knees.

8) Anchorman

If you take away Million Dollar Baby, this might be the best film of 2004. Seriously.

7) The Big Lebowski

The greatest performance of Jeff Bridges' career. Probably the best film ever by the legendary Coen Brothers. Top ten funniest movie of all time. And a damn attractive shirt if you ask me!

6) The Wire

Where does The Wire rank in the pantheon of HBO shows? Better than The Sopranos? Yes. Better than Six Feet Under? Possibly. Better than Deadwood? F*ck no. But they don't make that shirt yet. When they do, I will buy it immediately. (Develop this shirt, please.)

5) Kelly Kapowski

How many boys of my generation became men due to Tiffani Amber Theissen? None. Because to do that shizz you would have had to mix in some Screech , which would have been horrifically uncool.

4) Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster rocking Run-DMC glasses? That's double the renegade for your money right there. You are talking about hip-hop pioneers mixed in with the character that everybody is always trying to shun from Sesame Street because he likes to eat a chocolate chip once in a while. In other words, say F you to the health food hypocrites while wearing a shirt that your kid loves. Nice.

3) Dr. Strangelove

It is a shirt whose inspiration is a film by Stanley Kubrick...take my credit card, please!!!

2) Bird vs. Magic

It's Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. On the same shirt. A John Stockton-esque steal at $28 for some thread and an image screen! Urban Outfitters, may I open a line of credit?

1) Dr. Gonzo

Hunter Thompson. Ralph Steadman. The greatest book of all time. All on a yellow shirt that is totally wrong for my skin tone! But I don't care: I will most likely own this by the time of your reading.

Buy all of these shirts and more at Urban

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