Saturday, July 30, 2011

10,000 Views! Woohoo!

Just wanted to deliver a big THANK YOU to all of our readers, followers and fans! Yesterday, The Pizza Project hit 10,000 views. A special shout-out to one of our favorite commenters (MC) and @DannyZ24, a good friend who is spreading the word about our pizza reviews and bathroom musings.

It's not just the site traffic that has expanded. We've been getting an increasing amount of email from readers with suggestions and pizza thoughts of their own ... and we love it! Our blog is now featured on Restauranteers. And we're slowly but surely making our way up the Urbanspoon Philadelphia Blog Leaderboard, from #135 to #41.

To celebrate 10K, Saucy, the nibble and I will be hitting up a new Philly Mag pizza spot tonight and then enjoying some Barefoot Bubbly after the nibble goes to bed. Stay tuned for a review.

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