Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Rare Night Out: Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery

Last Thursday, I was coming home from work and for some reason I just started thinking about Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery. I don't know why. Maybe it was a long day. Maybe the daily pressures of child-rearing had just added up. But for whatever reason, I was thinking about the place and their incredible Thursday deal where they offer their very stellar brews for $2 each. I had decided. I was going to ask Wifey if we could go there for dinner. So imagine my surprise when i walk through the door and she tells me that her parents had OFFERED to watch Saucy Jr. so that we could go to Happy Hour! Unbelievable! After going through a few alternative choices (Capone's, Brother Paul's, the always reliable Chap's), we settled upon Rock Bottom, my choice from the beginning.

Why? Well, I already mentioned the price. You simply cannot beat that on a Thursday! Especially, when you consider the quality of their product. I had three beers, a Kolsch, an IPA, and an IPA that the bartendress described to me as a "collaboration" (although I have to tell you: I don't believe she told me the collaborators, which I would have to put down as a blight on the service). All were very good. As for the wife, she had their white ale and their red ale. I had sips of both and I can definitely attest to their having been very tasty. The other thing I would have to say about the place is that their beers must either pack a serious wallop or maybe the glasses they gave us snuck in a couple ounces. All I can say is I was pretty buzzed after three beers, but then again maybe part of that was the high I was experiencing from being out on the town without child in tow.

[In this space, I had written much detail on our meals, Meatloaf with Brown Gravy for me, Nachos for the wife. But then I tried to move the cursor to backspace and instead I accidentally highlighted the paragraph and deleted the whole thing. The system we blog on does not allow "undo" for some reason so I would have to write it all over again, something I simply don't feel like doing. So three things: 1) I really enjoyed the Meatloaf, which had a hint of Italian Sausage and came with some delectable mashed potatoes, 2) the wife really enjoyed her nachos, which she has had several times before; they are amply topped with jalapenos, beef, tomatoes, salsa, sour cream, guacamole, and cheese, and 3) Blogspot really needs to get their shizz together and fix this "Undo" situation or make it a lot easier if it is possible and I am missing it.]

All in all, I would definitely recommend to you a trip to Rock Bottom, especially if you can get there on a Thursday. Two dollars for their beers is one of the bigger steals you will get in this area. I struggle to even think of any negatives. The service was very attentive. Of course, there was the bit where the lady bartender forgot to tell me who the collaborators were, and the guy bartender trying to clown me at the conclusion of my meal. I asked for the check even though the tab was in front of us in a little shot glass. He looks at the tab and sort of does a double take. I think he was trying to make it out that I was too drunk to notice it or something. No! The tab is not the check! The tab just tells you what you have to pay! The check is the thing that you sign so that you can get out of there and go back to your life as a mother and father of one. Get it straight, brother!

Dah well! So the guy tried to have a little laugh at my expense. I don't mind. As long as he keeps serving those beers at $2 a pop, he will find me at the ready, prepared to be suitable joke fodder for the foreseeable future. Or, whenever I am allowed out of the house.

Rock Bottom
(610) 337-7737
1001 King Of Prussia Plz
King of Prussia, PA 19406

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