Sunday, May 29, 2011

A New Piece: Paradise Pizza Whole Wheat Crust

Every time Memorial Day weekend rolls around, I find myself dreaming of suntans, sand, and of course, a slice from Mack & Manco's. But this holiday weekend is one we're spending at home sweet home and I must say that we are doing a pretty good job of making it a holiday. Late night Scrabble on the deck (which we made into a mini-oasis complete with cafe lights) and mango vodka cocktails certainly help.

We're still on the diet good foot, but at bit lax because it is a holiday weekend. So we decided to pick up a pie from Paradise Pizza, a spot we reviewed back in February and have since visited a few times. And I couldn't help but notice a small handwritten sign on the counter about the availability of whole wheat crust. If I had suggested we try it a few months ago, the hubby would have laughed me out of the pizza shop, but he's pretty committed to the whole diet thing and agreed to test it out.

We ordered the whole wheater with extra sauce and pepperoni and a side of mozzarella sticks. And it ended up being so much better than expected! It was still very thin and foldable and the wheat taste wasn't overwhelming at all. Plus, it was still delicious even when we reheated the leftovers!

I won't delude myself by saying it was a healthy meal, but would highly recommend the pie to anyone who wants a slightly healthier option. And we'll definitely be back for more!

Paradise Pizza
2638 Egypt Road
Eagleville, PA 19403-2302
(610) 650-0981

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