Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How much would you spend to save a pet?

At a BBQ the other day, my uncle posed a tough question to all the pet owners present:
How much would you spend on surgery or other measures to save your dog?
Uh yikes. As much as we could afford to spend? Or probably beyond what we could afford? I just don't know how to answer that question.
There's no online calculator to figure that out, no two-months' salary estimate. There are certainly a lot of factors to consider, particularly the dog's age and quality of life. But equally important? The impact your pet has on your quality of life.

Anyone reading this blog knows how we feel about our Bumpkin. And we do have pet insurance (which is really a necessity for any bulldog owner), so that would help to cover a share of life-saving costs. But how do you put a price on saving a dog who followed me around nonstop for an entire week after I had a miscarriage - even into the bathroom? A dog whose nickname - Bump - was our son's first "real" word? A dog who waits patiently all through our long, busier-than-ever days for the hour or so that we can devote to hugging and loving and letting that 75-pound sweetheart take a seat on our laps?

I know I can't ...


  1. This is Saucy! The question should have been "What wouldn't you pay?" Once you have a dog (any dog), it is a commitment. If you are not willing to pay thousands of dollars for a surgery for your dog, you shouldn't have a dog.

  2. Great post Spice!

    In our house it even extends to the cold-blooded family members. Whatever it takes.

  3. Thanks! And definitely - it's not just about dogs. All pets are family!