Sunday, May 15, 2011

From pizza to pistachios: Our pie hiatus

So you may have noticed that there haven't been a ton of pizza reviews lately. Fear not, friends. They will be back soon enough.

Just on a brief break from pizza while we're working on lowering Saucy's triglycerides. After doing some research, South Beach seemed like the healthiest and easiest (not that any diet is easy, of course) way to do it. And I know from experience that it works - I lost about 25 pounds in the year before our wedding on South Beach.

Monday will be one week on phase one and he's already lost 9 pounds! And I've actually lost a few pounds myself. After another week, we'll probably ease back into pizza ... so if anyone has suggestions for healthy but tasty pie recipes, I'm all ears. Or I guess I should say all eyes.

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