Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tale of the Pie: Via Veneto Pizza

So Saucy's been doing great with the diet, and only a moderate amount of complaining (believe it or not). But we decided to take Friday night off to have a family outing and a few slices.

Our destination? Via Veneto's. Just a bit of background for you: the "disappointing pie" we refer to in our very first post, Getting to the Crust of the Matter, was actually from Via Veneto's. But the shop is about 15-20 minutes from our house on a good day and Saucy picked it up on a snowy February evening. And after the 30 minute or longer ride home, it really wasn't that hot. I mean temperature-wise and taste-wise.

However, Via Veneto's does have quite a reputation for having the best pizza in the area and the aroma of the shop is simply intoxicating. So we really needed to give it a fair shot and eat in.

How was it? DELICIOUS! And I don't just think that's because we've been eating lean meats and veggies nonstop for two weeks. We ordered a half Sicilian with pepperoni and a side of mozzarella sticks. The sauce was fantastic and ample. The cheese was gooey and oozing over the sides so much that there was plenty extra for me to nibble on, aside from what was already on my slice. The pepperoni was spicy. And the crust - though of course thick since it was a Sicilian - was somehow light! Not dense at all. That being said, I could only eat one slice because a pie like that is a bit of a belly buster.

The mozz sticks were good, pretty run-of-the-mill when compared to the pie. The atmosphere, well, it is located in the heart of Norristown. Jam-packed with folks from all walks of life: the old Italian man making loud jokes with the busboys and counter guys, the couple of crackheads stopping in for a slice, the teenage guys who looked like they would go right back to being up to no good as soon as they finished eating and the families like us, just out mixing it up a bit on a Friday night and enjoying a scrumptious pie.

Pros: Fantastic Sicilian pie with light crust, tasty sauce and ample gooey cheese
Cons: A bit of a wait and some character trying to touch the nibble and say hello

1803 Markley Street
Norristown, PA 19401
phone: (610) 279-5222

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