Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tale of Pie: Marzella's Pizza

It had been a while since the last time I had eaten anything from Marzella’s. From what I remembered as a child the food was good and greasy. That still holds up today, the only thing missing was the big pig holding a pizza outside the restaurant.

We called ahead for pick-up and ordered a small pepperoni pie and a small steak Stromboli with sauce inside. When we went to pick-up the order the place was packed with people waiting to order their food. Although we had already placed our order we had to wait in line while people were deciding what to order, all I’m saying is get another register and help the 70 year-old lady out up front.

As I mentioned earlier the food was pretty greasy, but I don't consider this a bad thing here. The sauce was not distinctive but did not lack flavor. The cheese was plentiful and non clumpy, the best part of the pie. The crust was slightly hard but foldable.

Now on to the stromboli. If you are going to order a stromboli this is the place to go. I prefer the the sauce inside. The sauce is very distinctive, they don’t just use the same tomato sauce as the pizza. The stromboli sauce has sweet taste to it. The cheese was oozing out with every cut, fabulous.

This is a place I will be frequenting more often. The pizza has stood out over several others that we have tried in the Collegeville area. The stromboli in my opinion is the best around.

Marzella's Pizza
488 E Main St
Collegeville, PA 19426

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  1. Oowee, this sounds delish - I think I know what we're eating on Easter!