Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chain Reaction: Bertucci's Italian Restaurant

What can I say? I have always liked Bertucci's. I know it isn't authentic Italian, but their Rigatoni Abruzzi is one of my favorite meals. Well, I am glad to say that their pizza is just as good, whether it's made from some Sicilian dude fresh off the boat, a couple hombres hoping to get their green cards, or whatever.

Had it the other day when we went to Elio Totino's for a little Easter dinner. We bought a Roman-style sausage and pepperoni pie for $19, and with a coupon we also bought a large plain pie for $5. So it was $24.91 for enough pizza to feed an army. Not bad when you consider that they also provided us with about eight of their very delicious rolls along with some olive oil and a heaping helping of extra sauce for dipping (no charge for the additional red, a big plus).

The large plain pie had an ample amount of sauce, and this is without the customary extra sauce request since the pie was being consumed by mixed company, and therfore could not be customized for my whims. The cheese complemented the pie well. It had the proper amount of ooze while not being so generous as to be overwhelming. As for the crust, it had a terrific taste and texture. You could feel the flour on your fingers and the taste was more than satisfying. One note would be that while the crust was perfectly foldable throughout the body of the pie, it was a little hard and brittle up top. Still, this may be attributable to the fact that we needed to reheat it after a decent trek. It's a red flag, but I would give them a pass on this until I am able to try it in-store.

As for the Roman-style pie (I suppose it is Roman because it is square?), it was very good as well. My only comment would be that the pepperoni and sausage toppings were not exceptionally distinctive. I've definitely had better. But it certainly wasn't enough to quash my enjoyment. I probably had like five pieces of the thing.

Final note about the Bertucci's product: It preserves and reheats well. I had a couple slices two days after the purchase and it was just as delicious. This really is a key. I have often had leftovers of a pie that I tried to eat later and the cheese gets clumpy or it tastes rubbery or it gets greasy as a mofo. So I have to give Bertucci's props for creating a pie that doesn't have to be wolfed down in one sitting to be truly cherished.


711 South Trooper Road
Norristown, PA 19403
(610) 630-1890
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