Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Freezer Case: Safeway Select Five Cheese Pepperoni

I was a little worried by the freezer pie options the wife was presenting me with the other day. It was either this one, which came in a plain black box that made it look somewhat low-rent, or a version by Kashi. Well, when you give me the choice between [BLANK] and Kashi, you know I'm going with [BLANK]. In retrospect, this was a brilliant freaking decision.

I can honestly say that the Safeway Select frozen is the best freezer case pie I have ever had. Right out of the oven, it just looks good. While most pies look thin and fragile, this one had the width of a typical Domino's pie. Not like something you will get at a pizza store, but you don't feel like you are going to have to eat a half-hour later either. Plus, the cheese looks bubbly and the sauce is popping out from underneath.

Sure enough, when you take a bite, the crust actually has a terrific texture and taste. The sauce isn't watery. It's thick and robust. It's not just ample. There's big-time flavor there, with ripe tomato and proper seasonings. While I don't know what five cheeses they employed, the combination resulted in a zesty final product.

If there were one aspect of the pie that needs work, it would be the pepperoni. It's not very spicy at all. It barely registers. If you are someone who wants zingy pepperoni on a frozen, definitely stay with the Newman product. However, as a whole, I give this one the nod because of its sauce, crust, and cheese, yes, but also because of its significant width. This is one frozen pizza that won't have the kids asking you to order Chinese later in the night.

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