Friday, April 27, 2012

Chain Reaction: Pizza Hut

Going to make this a rather short post because, if I'm being honest, the pizza I am going to describe was downed at least three weeks ago. I would not be able to be very elaborate with my descriptions, especially since I was eating with family members and was too coy to take notes. So let's get right to the point: A lot of pizza aficianados are quick to rag on chains, such as Domino's Pizza or Papa John's. They say that their pizza is not authentic. That it is taken out of a freezer before it is placed into the oven. This is fair. Still, I believe that even the greatest of pizza snobs would have to admit that, when compared to Pizza Hut, eating a pie from Domino's or Papa's is like devouring an offering from an artisan straight off the boat from the Old Country.

We got this $10 meal deal from Pizza Hut the other day. It's a lot of food, and that's great. But, boy, is the concept ridiculous! You get a one-topping pie of the medium variety. A bunch of breadsticks. And just in case you feel like you have not gotten your optimum carb intake for the year in the first two courses, they give you...MORE BREADSTICKS! Only this time, they are smothered with cinnamon sauce and accompanied by a sugary dipping sauce. It's a pretty good bargain, sure. I'm just saying: Couldn't they have dreamed up something better than more bread for that dessert item? The site of all that bread chilling in one box is patently absurd.

As for the pie itself, it is a very thick Sicilian-style. Doughy and not accompanied with enough sauce. Plenty of cheese though, which the wife liked. But then again, she would knock back just about anything right now. She's pregnant.

The cheesy breadsticks were good enough, but of course they committed a crime that most of these chains commit when they send you these sorts of bread-based items. One sauce cup for about ten hearty breadsticks. Being that it is nowhere near as enjoyable to eat without some tomato lubrication, you would think these folks would wise up and send at least two cups of red. Or maybe that makes too much sense.

The dessert breadsticks were...well, I can't tell you. I didn't eat any because, duh, by the time I had eaten the two bread-based courses before it, I wasn't really in the mood to shove another veritable loaf of Stroehmann down my throat. I'm telling you, they need to come up with something else for that final course. Or not ("America is getting huger by the minute and clearly has no problem with repetitive consumption of carbohydrates," he hypocritically writes while drinking his third beer of the night).

I should also say that, since we were looking to serve five people on this night, we ordered an extra pie - a plain with extra sauce. I found the crust to be too thin and sort of rigid. The cheese was clumpy and offered little in the area of flavor. As for the extra sauce, if they added it, I would be intrigued to see how much they put on a standard pie. It would have to be barren as the Dust Bowl.

While this verdict is pretty predictable, I still believe it needs to be said: I don't care how much bread Pizza Hut shoves in a box for $10. Their product is one that should be avoided at all costs.

Pizza Hut
2805 W. Ridge Pike
Norristown, PA 19403

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