Thursday, February 2, 2012

Monthly Roundup: January's Top Posts

To close each month, we'll do a quick roundup of the not-to-miss posts. In a blog with so much fascinating content, it could be easy to miss one or two good posts.
Yep, it's February already. Hopefully your new year's resolutions are still going strong. I'm struggling to remember what mine were. Fortunately, it's not tough to remember what the top posts of January were.

  • This month will bring us Tinseltown's biggest night of the year. Gearing up for the Oscar's? Check out Saucy's predictions for the winners, losers and everyone in between.
  • Sports more your speed? Or middle-aged men sitting at home in their underwear glued to the TV and Internet "playing" fantasy basketball?
  • Local BYOB shines during Ambler Restaurant Week: Zake's Cafe is definitely worth a visit
  • The post that drew the most traffic last month? 10 best pizzas of 2011
  • Speaking of pizzas, we ate some pretty terrible ones last month. Luckily, SliCE was an exception.


The Pizza Project
Just a nibble:
Single slice:
The full pie:

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