Friday, February 10, 2012

The Freezer Case: American Flatbread Tomato Sauce & Three Cheese

Sometimes you can just look at a frozen pizza box and know you are not going to like the pizza. Such was the case with the American Flatbread Tomato Sauce & Three Cheese pizza. I think we may have purchased and devoured three frozen pizzas before we decided to take this one out of the box. When we finally did decide to eat it, my suspicions of inferiority were confirmed.

First off, there was practically no red sauce on the pie. Odd for a pizza that puts such an important ingredient in its name. In order to be able to eat it, the wife had to get me some marinara. Not good.

It was a thin crust and a floppy one at that. The perimeter crust had a nice texture to it, but all in all it was just too slight to satisfy. It should be said that the cheese was one of the best elements of this pie. It was definitely above the average frozen. If they would be a little less stingy with the red, maybe they would have something here. But maybe not because what I did taste was not very distinctive.

All in all, this is definitely not one that I would recommend and I have already put it on the "No Fly" list in my household.

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