Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tale of the Pie: Padrino's Pizza & Family Restaurant

Before we have to change the name of this blog to The Beer Project, we fortunately have a pizza review for you. When we first walked into Padrino's, the savory aroma gave us pretty high hopes about the quality of the pie. Since it was a Lenten Friday, meat was off limits, so we decided to get a Sicilian in order to mix things up. In hindsight, that was a dumb choice, since Sicilians take much longer to make and waiting peacefully in a restaurant is not really the nibble's thing.

It's clear that Padrino's is definitely a local favorite. Everyone (with the exception of us) who walked through the door seemed to know at least one other person there. It was a clean and cozy little shop, with some cheesy old world murals on the wall (which Saucy rather liked).

We had a side of mozzarella sticks while we waited for the pie to bake. The sticks themselves were tasty, with a nice gooey texture, but the sauce was bunk. Saucy said it tasted like rose pasta sauce, but I thought it tasted a bit too much like ketchup. Either way, it was not your traditional marinara dipping sauce.

The pie itself was average. Tasted good when it was hot from the oven and was definitely satisfying, but overall, nothing to write home about. The crust was a tad on the thick side, even for a Sicilian. Luckily, it wasn't dense, or it probably would have felt like a brick in my stomach. The pie was light on sauce, which is definitely a major offense when you have so much crust to carry it. The cheese, which was amply applied, had a nice flavor and texture. Yep, the cheese was probably the highlight of the pie.

When reheated the next day, the pie seemed to have even less flavor. And I think the crust may have gotten thicker, if that's possible.

So while it wasn't terrible, I don't think we'll be returning to Padrino's anytime soon. There are just too many superior local spots for pizza.

Pros: Tasty cheese
Cons: Overly thick crust, light on sauce, light on flavor

Padrino's Pizza & Family Restaurant
1015 Valley Forge Rd
Norristown, PA  19403
(610) 630-0611

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