Monday, December 12, 2011

New York Edition: For a Good Spot to Hang Out and Drink Beer in NYC, Try Spitzer's Corner

While dining on lunch at Rubirosa, we somehow got on to the topic of a good place to grab a fine microbrew in the Big Apple. We knew of Blind Tiger, of course, and had been tipped off to a place called d.b.a. by a Twitter friend named @BeerCulturist, but for some reason we decided to do something that we almost never do: we asked one of Rubirosa's employees for a suggestion. A fresh-faced female hostess suggested Blind Tiger, but another guy, looking hip in a flannel and Chucks, threw out the name Spitzer's Corner. Now, I don't know if you have met us but we are nothing if not spectacularly hip. So when the name was tossed out by someone who looked at least as unmistakably cool as us, we decided that we would have to hunt it down and check out the list. When we found it, I ran in to check out the beer list. It revealed that the place had multiple Lagunitas, multiple Stones, and many other luminaries. It was immediately confirmed: We would be returning to the Lower East Side that night for our lone post-sundown adventure on the town.

Upon returning that night, we grabbed a seat on one of the wooden benches that line the walls. While there was a back room, I believe, we stayed mostly upfront when not in need of a bathroom break. The decor consisted of the aforementioned benches, a series of communal tables in the middle of the room, a somewhat small bar that belied the 40 or so taps that were neatly arranged in a line, and a bevy of hipsters dressed to impress. Serious ink. Provocative footwear. Ironic haircuts. Glasses that would have made Sally Jesse Raphael proud. All were in attendance, drinking to their heart's content.

Our server (yes, her specs were epic) helped us almost immediately as we took our seat. We were only there to drink and she did a terrific job of never letting our glasses go empty. As for the drinks that were consumed, I will be honest and say that it has been a very long time since these pints were tossed back and, since I was in New York City, I would have felt like a total jackass busting out a notepad to jot down impressions of the liquids tossed back. So I will just tell you the names, give you the links, and allow you to pick them up and make up your own minds as to their quality. I had four beers, a Stone Imperial Black IPA, a Lagunitas Undercover Investigation Shutdown, a Speakeasy Prohibition, and a Weihenstephaner Hefeweizen, and the lady had two, a Delirium Tremens and an Ommegang Adoration. All were dispensed in a setting that was great for people-watching, yet did not result in the feeling that you are somewhat beneath your fellow customers.

If I had to throw out one negative it would be that, while they put the tables in the middle to create a communal vibe that encourages mingling, they did then turn around and allow the seats to be reserved for diners. That seemed kind of odd and made for a good deal of awkward "You're gonna have to get up" moments. It felt as if the establishment needed to make a decision: did they want to go with the informal "come as you are" M.O., or did they want to be the type of place where you need to call ahead if you want to sit in a seat made of polished oak?

Anyway, we had a good time at Spitzer's Corner. How good? We left the bar and didn't want the night to end so we went to a spot named...I don't remember. Or more importantly, I didn't look. I was just hoping their beer selection would be as good as the place we had been previous. It wasn't. Then again, I have a feeling you don't run into too many places that have a line of suds as special as Spitzer's Corner.

Spitzer's Corner101 Rivington St.
New York, NY 10002

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