Monday, June 11, 2012

Beer Week 50 Word Special: Capone's Restaurant

The following beers were consumed at Norristown's Capone's Restaurant during a Philly Beer Week visit.

Weyerbacher Last Chance IPA
A beer befitting the winner of Beer Scene Magazine's brewer of the year (even if I don't like them because they picked Lew Bryson over me for Writer of the Year). Citrusy. Subtly hopped. Pleasingly crisp. Dry, piney notes. Thick, persistent head. Simulates the West Coast style well.

Avery Brewing Company Maharaja Double IPA
An amber, almost brown color. Features a powerful hop scent and taste. There's a bit of caramel in there, a nice helping of grapefruit. There's a bit of an aftertaste, but not a bad one, one you don't mind sticking around. Smoothly textured, it's another winner from the Colorado masters.

The Lost Abbey Carnevale
Had once sampled this Saison on not one, but two consecutive trips to Fairmount's St. Stephen's Green. Was that good. Make it a third time. Despite alarmingly quick head dissipation, Belgian-style spicing pops. Has an easy-drinking summer feel and a bit of minty flavor in the finish.

Nebraska Brewing Company Hop God
Was listed as a combination Belgian Tripel and West Coast IPA, a description that grabbed my attention immediately. Ended up being a bit of a letdown to me. Pickled up more Tripel than IPA. Spicing registers, but it wasn't potent enough to live up to the hype.

Best of the Bunch: Avery Maharaja

The Pizza Project
Just a nibble:
Single slice:
The full pie:


  1. i was actually looking for a pizza recipe to make a homemade pizza for my friends. but it took me to this page. the beer tasting is interesting thou. enjoy reading your blog. i used to go a lot to an Irish Pub to have a guiness ber

  2. Stick to reviewing Pizza, losers.