Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tale of the Perfect Pie: John's Pizza - New York, New York

So I have been quite lackadaisical in my blogging duties when it comes to pizza eating activities. The seasons have now changed since I had visited John's Pizza in New York City but I'm pretty certain that the memories are still alive.

I was in NYC back in April with the church youth group sightseeing and after a half day of walking the streets of NYC someone in my group demanded we eat at John's Pizza. He claimed that they had the best pizza ever. Ever? Really?

My experience overall was pretty satisfying. The wait was about 15 minutes to get seated and the service was not the best but it wasn't the worst. We were seated right next to where they make the pies which was pretty cool. However I couldn't get a good picture because this lady was taking endless pictures of her two kids. A little irritating.

The pizza itself was thin crust, had good quality cheese and a tasty sauce. Unlike Saucy and Spicy I'm not really that particular about the amount of sauce or a doughy crust. (I like my carbs!!) The price was fairly cheap as well. We got two large pies and each had 2 slices. Total cost per person was $5 - not bad for lunch in NYC!

The architecture details inside were very cool - the ceiling had this neat stained glass. It seemed a little strange to be eating pizza in a place that seemed like I should be in Church. Either way it was pretty cool to look at while we waited for our food.

John's Pizza
260 West 44th Street
New York, New York

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